Price Realized: $


Artist: Vintage Canadian Travel Poster

Date: 1947

Medium: offset lithograph on paper

Dimensions: 30 x 40 in. (76.2 x 101.6 cm)


Artist: Leslie Coppold

Reference: Art of Skiing, p. 146; Affiches Sports d’hiver, p. 171; PAI-XL, 78

The Canadian Government Travel Bureau wants to make it perfectly clear that when it comes to choosing a winter vacation destination, there really is no other choice but Canada. So to that end, they commissioned Leslie Coppold—noted artist and member of the Royal Canadian Academy and the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour—to lithographically sway those unfamiliar with the chilly splendor of the Great White North. And he came up with something truly special: a wonderful family scene done in a sweeping panoramic format that speaks to the vastness of the terrain. And though outstanding on many levels, Coppold’s treatment of the foreground snow—luxuriantly frosting every arboreal element it comes in contact with—is truly spectacular. Mr. Coppold passed along this interesting tidbit of this poster’s production: he recalls that it was completed on the 23rd of August, 1947, because after he completed work on the design, he got married the very same day.


LOT: 199

Auction: 2013 November | Hodgins Art Auctions