Price Realized: $
Date: 1990
Artist: Jeff de Boer
Medium: hand-linked aluminum chain mail, metal and leather
Dimensions: length: 18.5 in. (47 cm), excluding strap/buckle

initialed & dated


Note: Fascinated since his youth by medieval armour, de Boer was struck by the revelation that the business suit had its origin in the arming doublets that were worn under armour, or as armour. He noted many parallels between armour and corporate attire. Of the tie, de Boer says:

It was first worn around the neck in the form of a scarf to prevent chafing. Regiments had special colours. In Britain, uniforms featuring family tartans soon were integrated with regimental scarves, and evolved into the modern suit with the tartan school tie of the noble class.

It seemed to me that to go to work every day unconscious of the traditions and responsibilities of one’s warrior class was a form of barbarism. The only salvation would be to come around to an awareness of one’s reality. To wear an armour tie is the act of demonstrating to oneself and to others this awareness. They don’t even have to be worn…they can be hung on the wall, serving as a daily reminder of the need for chivalry in one’s business life.

LOT: 400

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